Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer 2023 Links, Lattices, and Rational Homology 4-balls
Summer 2022 Donaldson's Diagonalization Theorem and χ-slice links
Directed Reading Program at Georgia Tech
Spring 2024 Riemannian Geometry
Spring 2023 Hyperbolic Geometry
Fall 2022 Knot Theory
Thesis Committees at UMass Amherst
Summer 2021 Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member
Equivariant surgeries and irreducible embeddings of surfaces in dimension four, Andrew Havens
2020-2021 Undergraduate Senior Thesis Co-Chair
Knot theory and invariants, Caifei Fan
Independent Studies at UMass Amherst
Spring 2020 Complex Variables
Spring 2020 Theory of Manifolds
Fall 2019 Theory of Surfaces