REU 2022: Donaldson's Diagonalization Theorem and χ-slice links

Mentors: Jonathan Simone and Hannah Turner
TA: Weizhe Shen
Students: Sophia Fanelle, Evan Huang, and Ben Huenemann

The goal of this REU is to learn about Donaldson's Diagonalization Theorem and to use it to obstruct links from bounding Euler characteristic 1 surfaces in the 4-ball (such links are called χ-slice). In particular, the REU participants have able to prove various results regarding the χ-sliceness of positive pretzel links, 3-stranded pretzel links, and 4-stranded pretzel links.

Our results can be found in the following paper: On χ-slice pretzel links

Here are slides of a talk that gives a gentle introduction to χ-slice links.

Sophia, Evan, and Ben at the Poster Session
See their poster here


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