Current Course:
MATH 4107 Abstract Algebra I

Office Hours for Fall 2023:
M, W 11-12 in Clough 248

I have taught various courses at various institutions and have worked with diverse student bodies. I have developed curricula and implemented technology and active-learning techniques in my classroom. For more details see my teaching portfolio.

2023 GaTech Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching
2020-2021 UMass Distinguished Teaching Award Finalist
2019-2020 UMass Distinguished Teaching Award Finalist
2016-2017 UVa All University Graduate Teaching Award
Courses Taught (as the instructor of record)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Spring 2024 MATH 4107 Abstract Algebra I
Fall 2023 MATH 2603 Intro to Discrete Mathematics
Spring 2023 MATH 4150 Number Theory
Fall 2022 MATH 1553 Intro to Linear Algebra
Spring 2022 MATH 1554 Linear Algebra
Fall 2021 MATH 1551 Differential Calculus
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Spring 2021 MATH 235 Linear Algebra (Section 2)
Fall 2020 Math 235 Linear Algebra (Sections 2 and 6)
Spring 2020 Math 421 Complex Variables
Math 235 Linear Algebra (Section 5)
Fall 2019 Math 425 Advanced Calculus (Sections 1 and 3)
Spring 2019 Math 235 Intro to Linear Algebra (Sections 2 and 5)
Fall 2018 Math 233 Calculus III (Sections 2 and 11)
University of Virginia
Spring 2018 Calculus I (flipped)
Fall 2017 Calculus I (flipped)
Spring 2017 Calculus II
Fall 2016 Applied Calculus II
Fall 2015 Calculus III
Spring 2015 Financial Mathematics
Fall 2014 Calculus I
Spring 2014 Applied Calculus I
Fall 2013 Applied Calculus I
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Spring 2012 College Algebra (2 sections)
Fall 2011 Pre-Calculus
Finite Mathematics
Spring 2011 Calculus I
Finite Mathematics
Fall 2010 College Algebra (2 sections)
Barnard College, Higher Education Opportunity Program
Summer 2014 Pre-Calculus Workshop
New York University, Higher Education Opportunity Program
Summer 2014 Calculus I Workshop (2 sections)
Summer 2013 Calculus I Workshop (2 sections)
Quantitative Reasoning Workshop
Summer 2012 Calculus I Workshop (2 sections)
Quantitative Reasoning Workshop
Spring 2012 Calculus I Workshop
January 2012 Calculus I Workshop
Fall 2011 Calculus I Workshop
Quantitative Reasoning Workshop
Probability, Statistics, & Decision Making Workshop
Summer 2011 Calculus I Workshop (2 sections)
Spring 2011 Quantitative Reasoning Workshop
Fall 2010 Calculus I Workshop
Summer 2010 Quantitative Reasoning Workshop
Courses Taught (as a teaching assistant)
University of Virginia
Spring 2013 Ordinary Differential Equations
Fall 2012 Calculus II
Science and Technology Entry Program, New York University
Spring 2008 SAT Preparation Program